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The Roundup- Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition: May 6/19

The Blues get it done on the road again, force a Game Seven at home against Dallas.

St Louis Blues v Dallas Stars - Game Six Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

ST LOUIS BLUES 4 DALLAS STARS 1- (Series tied 3-3)

Jaden Schwartz continues his torrid run of play with a goal and an assist yesterday as the St Louis Blues fought off elimination by the Dallas Stars and forced a deciding Game Seven in St Louis Tuesday night. The Blues got it going in the first on this goal from Alex Pietrangelo:

Halfway through the period the Stars would tie it up on a PP beauty from Tyler Seguin:

Shift to the second now and the pesky, pesty David Perron would restore the Blues lead:

And then on to the 3rd where things get interesting. After being felled by a Colton Parayko bomb from the point, Ben Bishop is down and out, making it easy for Schwartz to pop it into the open cage.

That uh, didn’t sit well with Stars fans... Sure, they were upset that play wasn’t whistled down when Bishop was hurt, though the rule book basically says the official can’t (unless the player was so violently injured that he would require medical attention, I suppose). Here’s how we see it:

First off, even though the rule states this, it’s obvious Bishop’s injured, so much so that he can’t get back into the play to try and stop the puck. Goalies are supposed to be afforded extra consideration under the rulebook, and though the spirit of the rule was correctly applied, common sense here says it should have been blown dead. Secondly, if you’re a St Louis fan claiming that Bishop ‘flopped’, you need to log off. Seriously, you’re embarrassing.

The Stars also didn’t do themselves any favours by not putting Anton Khudobin in at that moment, because the Blues would score just 33 seconds later and it’s obvious Bishop shouldn’t have been left in. BUT, what if I told you the referees not blowing the play dead wasn’t where they screwed the whole thing up, but on a faceoff before the goal?

That’s a pretty obvious high stick, and how it could be missed with all officials eyes focused on that spot is just one more for the list of some pretty heinous officiating this post-season. Now Dallas didn’t lose the game because of this, but if you call the penalty there, that’s 2 goals that likely don’t happen that way because the Stars go on the PP. At the end of the day, the call on the injury was correct, but another example of how the NHL handles “player safety”.

It comes down to a winner take all Game Seven on Tuesday night, and perhaps the Stars can turn this frustration into a positive heading into this.


As we wait for the 2019 World Championships to get underway, many of the teams are playing exhibition matches to tune up for the event in Slovakia. Sweden and Finland had a game yesterday, but an incident involving Jacob Markstrom had Canucks fans holding their collective breaths.

Look, I get the whole “Oh, if the goalie comes out of the net he’s fair game” mindset, but this dude had ZERO intentions of doing anything but trying to fuck Markstrom up. ZERO. And for the officials to not call anything on it, especially given the way they call body contact in the international game is just shocking, honestly. A sticktap to Oliver Ekman-Larsson for stepping up and going after the guy, though amazingly he was given the extra penalty and Finland emerged from this with a power play.

I suppose we should be thankful for NHL officials, because obviously it could be so much worse. Fortunately it looks like he’s gonna be alright, but that was a scary moment for sure.