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2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Semifinals Open Thread- May 5/19

The Dallas Stars can punch their ticket to the Western Conference Finals with a win over the St Louis Blues this afternoon.

DALLAS STARS VS ST LOUIS BLUES- 3:00PM EDT/12:00PM PDT- (Dallas leads 3-2)

The Second elimination game of Round 2 is the only one on the schedule today, as the Dallas Stars look to wrap up their series at home against the St Louis Blues. The Blues have been on a remarkable run and aren’t going down without a fight, but they’re going to have to do something about the way the Stars have been able to capitalize on the transition in this series. There’s a nice breakdown about it over at Defending Big D this morning if you are so inclined. The Blues also need to take advantage of 2nd and 3rd opportunities, as Ben Bishop’s giving out a ton of rebounds right now. They’re also going to need a big game from more than just Jaden Schwartz, because a lot of guys really haven’t done much in this series so far. Ryan O’Reilly is one of them, and it makes you wonder if he’s not nursing some kind of injury.


One of the biggest metal albums in Canadian history celebrated it’s 30th anniversary a couple weeks ago. ANNIHILATOR’s ‘Alice In Hell’ was a landmark thrash metal release, not just in Canada but worldwide. A staple of the Ottawa underground scene, Jeff Waters moved to Vancouver, and put together a lineup that helped showcase his virtuoso guitar skills. With former DOA bassist Randy Rampage (RIP) on vocals, a curious but effective choice, and an album full of absolute ragers, Alice In Hell stands out as one of the most impressive debut albums the metal world has ever seen. Here’s a double shot of a couple of my favorites from that album: Word Salad and Human Insecticide.