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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Thank you Botchford (feat. Tanbir Rana)

Rest in peace, Jason Botchford.

Jason Botchford SB Nation
Myself (right) and Tanbir Rana (left) spill out our thoughts and feelings about the most unique journalist in Canucks history.
Kyle Bhawan

This is not a podcast episode I thought I’d ever have to record.

Wednesday was a mournful day across Canucks nation, but what’s come to light from this tragedy is the sheer amount of people that Jason Botchford impacted.

His impact on Canucks nation is more powerful that anything I’ve ever seen from a sports journalist. If you didn’t know who Botchford was before, you could get a sense of what kind of a person he was just by spending 30 seconds on Twitter this week.

Heck, just after reading what my Nucks Misconduct comrades said about Botch made me realize just how many people he took the time to reach out to.

He left a mark on so many, and that included our friend Tanbir Rana. The one and only Tanbir from Surrey (SCT Show) joined us in studio to share his feelings, thoughts and memories about another one and only, Jason Botchford.

This was definitely the most difficult episode I’ve ever had to record. If you’ve listened before, you can probably tell that Kyle and I are just a couple of goofballs that live and breathe hockey. Usually the pod reflects that, but this episode has an undeniably different tone.

Canucks nation, I hope you keep sharing your memories of Botchford. It was important to myself, Kyle and Tanbir to do the same.

Here’s the rough episode breakdown

  • Intro & one buried memory of Botch (0:00)
  • Tanbir’s thoughts on Botch (2:30)
  • The first time I met Botch (7:15)
  • Kyle’s thoughts on Botch (10:30)
  • Origin of the Provies (18:00)
  • Thoughts from Bob & Botch’s chilling quote (22:45)
  • Why Botch was so good (28:45)
  • Missing Botch’s take on Lucic (32:15)
  • How Beggsy wants the organization to honour Botch (36:00)
  • Reminiscing ‘bout “Studs and Duds” (42:15)

Hope you enjoy reminiscing about Jason Botchford with us. Rest in peace, from your army.


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On a side note, we had plans for another episode featuring Robert Tiffen from Defending Big D before yesterday’s news hit. We’ll release that episode tomorrow morning. First, we had to pay tribute to a man who inspired many of us.