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2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference Finals Open Thread- May 17/19

The NHL’s said their (sort of) apology and now we await the fallout on the ice as they will surely overcompensate for blowing another game on a bad call.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

ST LOUIS BLUES VS SAN JOSE SHARKS- 8:00PM EDT/5:00PM PDT- (San Jose leads series 2-1)

As the NHL tries to figure out if they have enough competent on ice officials to complete the playoffs, the St Louis Blues try to put the frustration of Wednesday night’s loss behind them and and send the series back to San Jose tied up at 2 games a piece and not for a potential elimination game.

Sure, it sucked. And Blues fans are not gonna let anyone forget this, even if they win the series. But the players are trying to stay focused, and I won’t be surprised if they come out and stomp a hole in the Sharks tonight.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s likely the Game Three officiating crew will not work again this post-season. Given that they’ve already whittled down who is working, and took one extra crew out of the mix after the Game Seven fiasco between San Jose and Vegas, it means officials who aren’t the top crews will work the finals. Given how bad they’ve been across the board this season, that seems less than ideal. But at least St Louis got a sort of apology out of the NHL, which is more than most ever get.

The Blues will be without Vince Dunn tonight, while it doesn’t look like we’ll see any changes for the Sharks.


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