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2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals Open Thread- May 14/19

The scene shifts to North Carolina as the Hurricanes try to get back on track against the Bruins tonight.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

CAROLINA HURRICANES VS BOSTON BRUINS- 8:00PM EDT/5:00PM PDT- (Boston leads series 2-0)

The big story heading into tonight (other than is this the night someone finally loses their shit and does something to Brad Marchand) is who is going to start in goal for the Carolina Hurricanes. After a couple performances from Petr Mrazek that left a lot to be desired, the thought is that they could go back to Curtis McElhinney for Game Three. If they are going to make the switch, coach Rod Brind’Amour isn’t tipping his hat on it til gametime.

While it’s unlikely keeping it a secret is any kind of advantage, the goaltending isn’t the only problem the Canes need to address in Game Three. They have to stop letting the Bruins sucker them into taking penalties, because they are getting killed by the Boston power play, and tightening things up on defence so whoever’s in their crease has a fighting chance has to happen tonight or else this series is gonna be a short one.

Much like their series against Washington, the Canes came out of the first two games looking like they had no business being in a series with their opponent, but came roaring back in Game Three fueled by their hometown crowd and you can bet they’ll be looking to channel that energy tonight. Getting the first goal is going to be huge, so watch for them to come out hard and fast against the Bruins tonight and try to set the pace.


It seems a lot of bands don’t make actual videos as much these days (that would fall on the labels not giving them the funds to do it, preferring to put together computer-generated lyric videos and the likes to save money), but it can still be a powerful medium when done correctly. This rager off the ‘Utilitarian’ album by NAPALM DEATH is a fine example of it.