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2019 Conference Finals Predictions

Time for us to make semi-informed guesses about how these two series are going to play out. Coin flips, anyone?

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


Kent Basky- Despite this series being sold as one team being a big favorite over the other, I think this is two evenly matched teams going at it. Staying healthy is a huge part of the playoffs and it’s even more of a factor when you play a bunch of bastards like the Bruins. The Hurricanes have already battled injuries in this post-season, but still come out looking pretty good. The Bruins will be without Charlie McAvoy for Game 1 because LOLPLAYERSAFETY. While I am looking forward to all the old hockey dudes sharpening their knives for Carolina and the audacity of them even existing, I am also already nauseated at the hockey media in general getting their buckets ready to carry Bruins water. This playoff series has been about a changing of the guard and bringing fun back to the game. The Bruins are the antithesis of all that is right and good about hockey. They’re going down and it’s what is best for hockey (apart from the forced retirements of Don Cherry, Pierre McGuire, Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick). CAROLINA IN 6

westy99- I am not or have ever been a fan of Boston. Unfortunately....I think they have the skill, experience and dirtiness to win this series against Cinderella. I will openly cheer for the Whalers. BRUINS in 6

jimmi - Just for the record, Westy said: Boo-urns. From a vast, fair and biased distance it does appear the fix is in for the Boo-urns. Not saying this series is already bought and paid for by the NHLOA, but the writing is on the DoPS ticket. From round 1, all my astute hockey wagering friends have picked Bahston to win the RepliCup. They’re a bunch of jerks. And it takes jerks to beat jerks, so.... WHALERS in 7


Kent Basky: There’s a lot to like about these teams and how they got here. There’s also a lot to dislike, and honestly I don’t know who to root for in this one. I may be alone in thinking this, but I would be perfectly content with Joe Thornton not getting his name on the Cup. I’m also really cool with there being teams with a longer Stanley Cup drought than the Canucks. See? Not so easy to make a choice here. Jordan Binnington has showed some signs of cracking, and this is the first true test for the Blues rookie because let’s face it, the San Jose Sharks are not the Dallas Stars or Winnipeg Jets. I think this one goes the distance but the Blues miraculous run is out of time. SAN JOSE IN 7

westy99- I think i have mentioned this before on NM, in my senior yearbook writeup I predicted that the Sharks would win a Stanley Cup before Vancouver. While they haven’t had an easy time in any series, they keep finding ways to win. Notice that I haven’t mentioned the other team.......SAN JOSE IN 6

jimmi - There’s not much to like about these leftover teams in the west - if there was, the courts would would have found in their favour. They didn’t. The longest Cup-free expansion franchise in history toils in the east, so that gives them an advantage. But, the Sharks are getting special smart luck calls in game sevens from the refs. So.... with deep reluctance I concur with my colleagues, SAN JOSE IN 7