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NM Stanley Cup prediction pool.

The Canucks won’t win it, but do you know who will?

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In its infinite wisdom, the website decided to do a “Hattrick Challenge” instead of a playoff pool setup. So…..let’s get something going here.

You have to predict each series and the number of games it will take.

In each round you will receive a certain amount of points for the right team and choosing the correct amount of games each series goes.

Pick a winner of round 1: 2 points

Pick the right amount of games :1 point

Pick the winner of round 2: 3 points

Pick the right amount of games :1 point

Pick the winner of Conference Finals: 4 points

Pick the right amount of games :1 point

Pick the Stanley Cup winner: 5 points

Pick the right amount of games :1 point

Here are my picks:


  • TB beats CLS 4-1
  • BOS beats TOR 4-2
  • WASH beats CAR 4-2
  • PITT beats NYI 4-3
  • CAL beats COL 4-2
  • VEG beats SJS 4-3
  • NASH beats DAL 4-1
  • STL beats WINN 4-3


  • TB beats BOS 4-2
  • WASH beats PITT 4-2
  • CAL beats VEG 4-3
  • STL beats NASH 4-2

Conf Finals

  • TB beats WASH 4-2
  • STL beats CAL 4-3

Stanley Cup Final

TB beats STL 4-2

There it is…the winning prediction. You don’t even have to bother making your own. But in case you think I’m wrong, just write your own predictions down below.

Winner gets a pic with jimmi.

Beggsy’s Picks

Although Westy and his infinite wisdom probably have this locked up, I’ll throw my picks into the pool.

1st Round

CGY over COL in 6
VGK over SJS in 5
NSH over DAL in 6
STL over WPG in 7
TB over CBJ in 6
BOS over TOR in 6
WSH over CAR in 6
PIT over NYI in 6

2nd Round

VGK over CGY in 6
NSH over STL in 7
TB over BOS in 6
PIT over WSH in 7

3rd Round

VGK over NSH in 6
TB over PIT in 6

Stanley Cup Final

TB over VGK in 5

I had Nashville losing to Tampa at the beginning of the season, but give me a case of the Vegas flu up until the Stanley Cup Final. That Western Conference final, however will be buckets of fun for those lucky enough to cover it.