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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Two episodes, choose your poison

Check out the latest two episodes, covering everything from Quinn Hughes to Spongebob.

Silky N’ Filthy busts out two episodes this week.

Two episodes in one day? Guess we don’t need the Eagle Energy sponsorship after all...

With two guests joining us, we have two new episodes of the Silky N’ Filthy podcast coming out today. Like choosing between bourbon or whiskey on the rocks, you too must choose your poison.

First Episode: Quinn Hughes Hype Train & Weird Jerks Sniffing Playoffs

With the Canucks out of the playoffs for a fourth straight season, hosts Trevor Beggs and Kyle Bhawan reminisce on Quinn Hughes’ first three NHL games.

One team that looks to be playoff-bound is the Carolina Hurricanes, so Trevor chats with Brett Finger (Canes Country) about Sebastian Aho’s superstar status, thoughts on Don Cherry, the Storm Surge, and the Calgary/Carolina trade.

As Brett (probably) prepares for playoff hockey for the first time Kyle and Trevor reminisce on the feeling of playoff hockey. The boys then end the show with their VERY different picks for Beauty of the Week.

Here’s the episode breakdown.

  • Quinn Hughes baby (4:30)
  • That time the hurricanes won the cup... (14:00)
  • Brett Finger joins Silky N’ Filthy (20:00)
  • Is Aho the league’s most underrated star? (23:00)
  • Don Cherry and a weird bunch of jerks (27:00)
  • Best Storm Surges (31:15)
  • Canes Goalies (33:00)
  • Who won Calgary/Carolina trade? (37:00)
  • Could “weird-ass” Carolina make some noise in the playoffs? (40:30)
  • Trevor & Kyle give an ode to Don Cherry (42:00)
  • Kyle, do you remember playoff hockey? (49:00)
  • Beauty of the Week (52:30)

Episode 2: Spongebob, F-Bombs, Gilly Gunnin’ & Thoughts on the ‘Yotes

Carl Pavlock (Five for Howling) joins to talk about John Chayka and hockey in Arizona. Co-host Kyle Bhawan gives his takes later on why he isn’t a fan of what’s going on in the desert.

The boys also cover everything from Gillis’ potential return to the NHL, the Sad Sens, Spongebob and Trevor getting slapped for being an ass in his last fight.

Episode breakdown here.

  • One player we hated that now we respect (0:15)
  • Trevor’s last fight... (2:00)
  • The triumphant return of Mike Gillis (6:00)
  • Carl Pavlock from Five for Howling joins the show (13:15)
  • Brad Richardson is the GOAT (15:15)
  • The Surprise problem in Arizona (18:00)
  • How should you feel about Chayka? (21:00)
  • Why hockey in Arizona can work (25:00)
  • Kyle’s differing thoughts on the ‘Yotes (30:45)
  • Meanwhile in Canadia (37:45)
  • Who the hell came up with Spongebob? (43:30)
  • Senators fans, ready for hell? (47:00)

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Poll of the week: A reunion would likely never happened, since the relationship between the Aquilini’s and Mike Gillis is frayed. But in a hypothetical situation, how would you feel if the Canucks brought back Gillis as President and/or general manager?


How would you feel about Gillis returning to the Canucks?

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  • 40%
    Bring back Gilly!
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  • 60%
    Nope. Good riddance.
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