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2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs- Conference Semi-Finals Open Thread April 25/19

The hunt for Lord Stanley’s Mug continues as two series get underway tonight!

NHL: Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


We need to remember one thing as we head into this game tonight: If for some reason Boston jumps out to an early lead, writing Columbus off at that point might not be advisable. I mean, look at how it turned out for the last team they faced. The Blue Jackets have been sitting for over a week and while some may think that’s a disadvantage, I am confident in John Tortorella having put his charges through their paces to not let them get complacent. As far as the Bruins, they came out of the series with the Leafs relatively unscathed, but will face a rested team and that could be a factor tonight. Or not. If we’ve learned anything this playoff season, it’s expect the unexpected. This should be a fun series, teetering towards violence at times. Watching how working the refs for 7 straight games pays off for the Bruins will be interesting, Not that they’ve ever had any help with the NHL and their officials before. Ahem.


At one point this season, neither of these teams looked like a threat, and now they’re both 12 wins away from a Stanley Cup. On one side you have the St Louis Blues, who went from last place as 2019 started to a ridiculous run that saw them almost catch the division leaders in the Central. On the other it’s the Dallas Stars, whose star players efforts were called ‘Fucking Horseshit’ by the team’s own CEO at one point. A team that is the only 1967 expansion baby that has yet to win the Cup against a team that got their first when Brett Hull cheated. Excitement! Hits! Goals! Ridiculous saves! Angry fans online! This series is gonna have it all. Make sure you’ve got popcorn, it’s gonna be great viewing!


A surf-thrash tune with video clips of Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp? Sign me up. GHOUL have been here in the GDBH before and this is the first time I stumbled across this particular video. I actually watched a documentary about Lancelot Link not too long ago and it was hysterical to see this again. If you’re not old as dirt, check out an episode here and apologies if you fall down a worm hole. I would highly recommend this show if you were partaking in some now legal activity in Canada.