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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: The Bullsh*t Episode, Part 1

Tasty puck talk with a fresh side of bullsh*t

Silky N’ Filthy podcast
Get to know the voices behind the mic in this week’s episode of Silky N’ Filthy.

During a week where the playoffs roll on while the Vancouver Canucks are off golfing somewhere, the Silky N’ Filthy podcast takes a dive into the bullsh*t realm.

While we’ll be sure to jump into more Canucks talk, Comets talk, playoff talk and puck talk in the coming weeks, we veer off into the deep end this week.

Myself and my co-host Kyle Bhawan dive into our changing viewpoints on the game of hockey. That includes a stretch where Kyle fell out of love with the game while I was turning into a bigger hockey nut by the hour. What drove us in these directions?

We also touch on Kyle’s bizzaro fears, the evolution of NHL hockey & our favourite Canucks moments that aren’t widely discussed.

Here’s a rundown.

  • How Beggsy kept the hockey love alive (2:45)
  • Why Kyle lost the love (5:50)
  • The moment when hockey changed (8:15)
  • Kyle’s bizarre fears (10:15)
  • Off-beat Canucks memories (13:20)
  • Canucks, playoffs, and scary examples (22:00)
  • The most interesting documentary of all-time (25:00)

Curious what your favourite off-beat Canucks memories are of all time. Jeff “The Braberian” Cowan going on a hot streak? Rick Rypien pounding Hal Gill? Burrows’ OT goal against the Carolina Hurricanes that saved the ‘Nucks season?

Let us know. Enjoy the playoffs everyone.