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The 2019 Nucks Misconduct Bandwagon Outreach Program. Finding homes for displaced Winnipeg?

Canada’s Team Can Beat the Blues - And Here’s Why (Sort of)

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks

Alas, another season has come and gone and Canucks fans are left once again without their team ready to take them to the dance. So what are you to do? Fear not! As we are the helpful and caring types, we have begun our annual campaign to find homes for Canucks fans who don’t want hockey to be over. Remember, your loyalty is nothing trivial, so make them tell you why you should pledge your allegiance in the quest for hockey’s ultimate prize.

Winnipeg is the team I want the Canucks to be. Rebuilt. Better. Stronger. Faster. Tough, skilled forwards and big defensemen that will shoot. Winnipeg is the team I wouldn’t mind seeing in the SCF. (Not true, I want to see the Canucks in the Stanley Puck Final. That’s why I made a deal with the Devils. In exchange for letting them pick first, they will arrange for our Mascot and DJ to run the rink in the Peg. What I didn’t tell them was that I was winking and crossing my eye when I shook their greedy pointy tails. Also, Jack will ask for a trade to join his brother, possibly by next spring).

HappyCaraT would like it if you cheered for the Jets. So would Chicky and and most of NM’s token Canadian contingent. Today, I would like it too. (Tomorrow, my fickle fan finger may point wherever the next fan blog rum and wine bribe is hiding).

Question #1: Canucks fans are not fans of the Blues - and many Nucks fans are from the Peg. So.. other than being the obvious choice as ‘Canada’s Team’ in the playoffs, what specific reasons should Nucks fans hitch up their bandwagon to the Jets skis? (Probably best to not mention Byfuglien)

First of all, we have two random ginger beards including Kyle Connor who is very good AND we have Patrik Laine who turns into a goat with a beard. Secondly, the Jets can be fun, but still make you facepalm, so Canucks fans will feel at home. Finally, we used to house your farm team.

Question #2: Since you probably have most of us already hanging on to your icy pom-poms, what will be the key to beating January 1st’s last place team?

The Jets have to get their asses in line and actually play some good hockey. They have been bad since Christmas, but if they play their ideal lineup, they should be able to go toe to toe with the Blues. The concern comes to the coaching: will Paul Maurice be able to match Craig Berube?

Question #3: Because Nucks fans are forced to look to the future, who do you want to face in the 2nd round once you have dispatched that team from the city with weird food?

Nashville. They bring out the best in the Jets and they are so much fun to play.

BONUS Question: Many Nucks fans admire the way the Jets have rebuilt, however, they also noted the little stretch slump. Is this a cause for worry or was cooling the Jets part of a brilliant Maurice plan?

Cause for worry because Maurice took so long to clue in that something was wrong and then reacted in the wrong way. The answer is MORE NIKU and not MORE CHIAROT. Anyways, if he can coach better, this team has a chance.

There it is. Solid lobby from Canada’s team. Thanks to HappyCaraT for answering my unskilled questions with icy determination and old-fashioned coach-bashing. Go Jets!