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Gamethread #69: Canucks vs Golden Knights

The Canucks try to finish the year 14-0-0

Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I think the goal for some Canucks fans this year was for the team to get to .500. For this year’s team to get there, they need to go 13-1-0 in these last games.

“But, would get them 91 points in 82 games, and that’s over .500.”

True and false. That would get the Canucks a 41-32-9 record, therefore the same number of wins and losses.

I want one more win than that. I want this team to go 14-0-0 and finish above .500. And if they can do that, they have a 98.6% chance of getting into the playoffs.

I don’t think Vegas is too keen on letting us take the first step to getting into the playoffs. In fact Vegas hasn’t been very nice to the Canucks at all. They have only let the Canucks win once...and they made them do it in a shootout.

But today is different!

Today...the road to the playoffs begins.

Go Coconuts Go!