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Gamethread #67: Canucks vs Leafs

The Center of the Universe comes to town to face the Canucks.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

With the playoffs almost out of reach and injuries having decimated this team over the past month, one might assume that this game wouldn’t mean much.

Whenever there is a chance to beat the Leafs, you take that chance. Even with this struggling team. Toronto is on its way to play and lose to the Bruins in the first round fo the playoffs again. Mitch Marnier is playing his way into a huge contract or a Nylander type walkout next year. The Leafs are still trying to figure out their defense and hope Matthews can become a playoff performer.

The Canucks now must enjoy the role of spoiler and seriously look at some line combinations that they could role with next year. If Goldy/Petey is a thing then let them play together for the rest of the year. Bo and Brock can learn to feed off each other. Gaudette can play some top 6 with either line...same with Leivo.

I just want a Canucks win so eastern media can shut up for one night. I know....impossible.

Go Coconuts Go!