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Gamethread #79 Canucks vs Stars

Canucks play the role of Grinch as they try to end Dallas’s playoff hopes.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

78 games is what it took to officially end your playoff hopes. I think that’s pretty good for this team that was Sedinless for the first time in over 100 years or something like that. Now the Canucks can spread that cheer as they face the Stars tonight. The Stars are realistically two wins away from being in the playoffs, but I have seen a team collapse this late before.

The Canucks beat the Stars the last time they played and with the addition of Quinn Hughes, the Canucks might have the little extra speed to get a win at home vs the Stars for the first time since Nov 2016.

Some of you maybe wishing for a loss to improve drafting position, but even if the Canucks lose two more spots the odds of them winning the first pick only go up about 1.5%. So how about instead that Canucks win out their games and then start to clean out the vets before the draft.

Go Coconuts Go!