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Gamethread #66: Canucks vs Golden Knights

A Vegas trip!

Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Canucks continue their mini road trip this afternoon in Vegas Baby! The Canucks are now 7 points out of the wild card spot. I have stuck a fork in them for the year, but this final stretch will be interesting to watch. Petey must be getting tired as he has never had a long season like this before. Brock was robbed of a long season last year by a bench door so it will be new territory for him as well. Markstrom can solidify his number one status for next year if he plays well down the stretch. Nolan Baumgartner can play around with the defensive pairings to see who might stick for next year. (Not Pouliot). The Canucks have only ever beat the Golden Knights once, so it would be nice to double that today.

Vegas is trying to get ready for another playoff run. The addition of Mark Stone sounded great on paper, but has only produced 1 point in 3 games so far. The Golden Knights need this group to mesh before they try and get the Cup finals again.

Sunday afternoon games in March are the somewhat perfect sure to a hangover. Of course if it gets nasty, you might turn back to booze. Show some control.

Go Coconuts Go!