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Gamethread #77: Canucks vs Ducks

Two teams that won’t be in the playoffs face off tonight.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks Dom Gagne-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game is all about pride. Both Anaheim and the Canucks are not going to the playoffs, but neither one wants to be 7th place in the division. I’m sure Jake will be interested to see Ryan Getzlaf again. The Ducks have had a crappy year and may think about having Kesler kidnapped. The injury to Corey Perry really killed any chance of that team getting any momentum. A game like this needs a guy like Antoine Roussel, but we will have to settle for the first game of Josh Teves. The Canucks really have used all fo the defensemen available. i’m not sure Travis Green will like any of the combinations and should highly encourage GMJB to try and get another RHD by trade of draft.

Only 5 games left after tonight....soak them in....revel in them....yell at the screen.....tweet to Aquillini......go get that Pouliot tattoo....ok, not the last one.

Go Coconuts Go!