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Gamethread #76 Canucks vs Blue Jackets

Canucks try to make Torts cry.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

After a spirited game last night...and a loss, the Canucks go right back at it tonight against a Columbus team that is try to make the playoffs as well. If the Blue Jackets can’t get to the playoffs, it make go down as one of the worst trade deadlines ever. They traded quite a few players to try and make a run instead of getting rid of Bobrovsky and Panarin for the future.
The Canucks are officially in limbo land. They can’t get a great draft pick anymore and their playoff chances are at 1.6%. So I guess we cheer for wins then?

Yes, that’s it....we cheer for wins! The wins we get cause other teams to miss the playoffs and their fan base feels our pain!

Go Coconuts Go!