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Gamethread #70: Canucks vs Rangers

King Henrik comes to town to face the Canucks

Vancouver Canucks v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I know you’re all excited to see what a puck moving defenseman looks like in a Canucks uniform. Realistically though, I am excited to see if they give the kid a chance on the PP. It doesn’t look tonight will be the night though. Chris Tanev might try to move the puck tonight in his return, but I’m sure Lundqvist isn’t scared of his shot.

The Rangers are on the outside of the playoff picture in the east and are a team in limbo. I’m not sure how many more years King Henrik will play and this rebuild they are going through doesn’t have much chance to bring him a cup before retirement to his modelling career.

I would like to see the youth put there for the last 12 games. If the team isn’t planning on re-signing Edler, then sit him and let some of the bubble guys get a shot. The playoffs are too far out, let’s see if the youth can cause trouble out there.

Go Coconuts Go!