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Gamethread #56: Canucks vs Flames

Canucks come home and face the Flames

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

The Canucks come home after a disappointing road trip. Losing 3 games plus Edler and Sven definitely was not the plan nor the expectation. We should have known better to some degree, as the injury fairies have to get paid.

Tonight begins the portion of the season where the Canucks have to face their division mates almost every night. 8 games against Pacific teams in the month will most certainly determine by Feb 28, if the Canucks are a playoff team.

The Flames are the top team in the conference, but they are not running away with it as some feared they would. They seem to have found found a new #1 goalie in David Rittich, but if he goes down....Hello Mike Smith! Their special teams are not that special and they need secondary scoring and maybe a defenseman.

The Canucks need Bo Horvat and Brock to start scoring again. I think I have said that a few times. The Canucks need a win tonight. I have said that too many times.

Go Coconuts Go!