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Gamethread #54: Canucks vs Caps

Back to back on the more injuries please

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This is me after last night’s game

Chances that were missed...Guds and Hutton on the second Philly goal....Edler’s injury and Bo’s penalty. Crap.

Tonight might be more of the same as the appearance of the injury fairies comes at the perfect time for #teamtank. No Eddie, Sven or Demko.

No Problem!

All they have to do is play the Stanley Cup Champs. The Caps have not been great this year, as their 2-6-2 record in their past 10 shows, but they will be around for the playoffs and if they wake out.

The Canucks are going to have played disciplined tonight and the PP has to start scoring.

Everyone yell yes for these early games!! Go Coconuts Go!