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Gamethread #53: Canucks vs Flyers

Coming off a big win, the Canucks face a hot Philly team.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

You know what I like about the last Canuck game? Let me tell you....

5 different Canucks scored a goal.

The Canucks will definitely need that type of production against a Flyers team that has found a goalie and won 8 out of their past 10 games. The last game between these two was pretty ho-hum and a coach got the axe, but tonight they are two teams that really want to make the playoffs. The Flyers still have a ways to go, but man...they have won 7 in a row.

The Canucks are in the final wild card spot and this road trip needs to see the Canucks go 3-1 to keep that spot and maybe add a point of two. Unfortunately Sven won’t be playing tonight as he felt bad. The Nucks won’t say concussion symptoms, but it would not surprise me.

To continue on with the theme of 2019, this is a Must-Win game.

Go Coconuts Go!