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Gamethread #64: Canucks vs Avs

The playoffs are sliding away from both of these teams

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost March and the Canucks still have a chance at the playoffs!!!!!

We all should be thrilled about that.

The Canucks are coming off a great win over a bad Ducks team. Tonight’s game is a 4 point game against a Colorado team that is also trying to sneak into the wildcard. Vancouver has won both meeting’s so far and has scored a lot of goals in the process. The tempo between these two teams has been fast-paced, which seems to have worked out for the Nucks, but I think tonight’s game might be a slower and more physical. The one thing the Canucks don’t want to do tonight is take penalties as the Avs powerplay is still top ten in the league. The Avs have scored 20 more PP goals than the Nucks have.

The Avs added Derrick Brassard at the deadline, but I’m not sure if that will be enough for this team that struggles to keep the puck out of the net.

The new look defense seemed to do ok against a weaker team, but tonight’s high powered offense will test the whole defensive unit. So the new guy, Tanner Pearson better get his ass back on defense.

I am a win and an O/T loss from correctly predicting a 5-6-3 Feb from the Nucks.

Let’s go get that win.

Go Coconuts Go!