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Gamethread #61: Canucks vs Coyotes

Canucks and Yotes both try to stay in the playoff hunt.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

MUST WIN......I would think so.

Two teams trying to move in the same direction are in the same spot in the wildcard hunt. While the Canucks have the edge in the goalie department, the Yotes have a better defense. Unfortunately, the forwards might be a draw....even with Petey on our side.

I would think a loss tonight put an end to any big trade discussions. The injury fairies did their job at the right time of year again, just to make sure that GMJB doesn’t make any rash decisions. Of course that also means we are stuck with Guds/Pouliot for the remainder of the year. I just sacrificed a chicken to try and get rid of those two.

On the bright side, it’s Feb 22 and there is still talk of playoffs. Haven’t had that happen in a few years.

Let’s all raise a glass and yell at the screen. Go Coconuts Go!