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Gamethread #58: Canucks vs Ducks

Let the Cali road trip begin.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports comes to this doesn’t it? Win tonight against a really bad Ducks team and keep the masses dreaming about playoffs, or lose tonight and watch the internet explode.

I apologize to Anaheim. While they are last in the conference, they are only 6 points behind the Canucks with a game in hand. The Ducks have missed Perry and Kesler for chunks of the year and have lost 7 in a row....and fired their coach. The Ducks could turn it around.

I spent most the day wondering if DiPietro can erase the sight of the terrible Canucks defense around him and regroup. Very few goalies stay in a game where they allow 7 goals....and it’s their first NHL game ever......and they are 19 years old. That is quite the trifecta.

I hear the Nucks have a new goalie. I wonder how long until he gets injured.

Beggsy did a good job asking who to play with Horvat to try and get some more goals. I’m sticking with Guds and Pouliot.

Go Coconuts Go!