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Magnification: Video Analysis of Rathbone, Madden, Podkolzin, and Others from Last Week

Magnification is a series that takes a period by period look at the best performances from Canucks’ prospects throughout the past week.

COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 04 Beanpot Tournament - Boston College v Harvard

Jack Rathbone

November 29th — 1 assist

Jack Rathbone is off to an incredible start for Harvard this season. He has amassed 8 points in 7 games played. Rathbone finds himself taking over the sizable role that New York Ranger’s rookie Adam Fox occupied for the last three years. Rathbone naturally plays a lot of minutes, which includes quarterbacking the Harvard power play. On November 29th, he was a stalwart defensively —regularly halting rushes, and breaking out the puck using a combination of his skating and passing ability. Offensively, Rathbone was dangerous. He has all the tools to allow him to be a commanding force on the back end. When you combine his skating ability, with his dangerous shot, and his hockey IQ you get results like Rathbone has had this season.

Period 1

  • 0:09 - Rathbone is able to deny a clean shot on goal by getting his stick in the release point of the shot.
  • 0:20- Rathbone retrieves a puck in the corner. He pivots to avoid a forecheker and quickly dekes another BC player baring down on him. This play shows off his ability to not only move efficiently in tight places, but also make quick decisions under pressure. This type of evasion is so useful for defensemen to avoid hits and breakout the puck more efficiently.
  • 0:45- Rathbone jumps on free puck and drives behind the net. He sets his body so its protecting the puck. As he turns on the other side of the net, Rathbone sends the puck in front and it eventually leads to a goal. Not involved in the scoring, but integral to the play.
  • 1:35-Look how Rathbone uses his body to angle off the BC forward. He does this well throughout the game. It completely neutralizes opportunities. Later at 1:57 he again uses a poke check to disrupt a shot.

Period 2

  • 0:10 - Rathbone starts to breakout the puck. A BC defender stumbles and that gives Rathbone the green light to go end to end. Rathbone sees that the front of the net is covered, puts his feet into the mowhawk stance and he gets a quick wrap-around. Its stopped, but his play shows off his skating ability and technicality. He got around the net quick, Spencer Knight had his pads ready but that was a great opportunity.
  • 0:24 - As Rathbone takes a pass deep in his zone, he fakes a reverse and the forechecker falls. Another example of that evasion I talked about earlier.
  • 1:15 - Gets his stick in shooting lane, and angles the BC player to the corner. Another very good angle off play.
  • 1:56 - Gets a shot off on the power play. Later in the possession Rathbone gets the puck to Drury who makes a nice move in front and shelfs it. This is Rathbone’s only point of this game.

Period 3

  • 0:38 - Rathbone has a battle with Matthew Bodly. He takes Boldy into the corner and the puck is eventually poked free.
  • 0:49 - Attempts another long pass. He didn’t spring anyone this game, but in a past game I watched, Rathbone sent two teammates in for breakaways. He likes to take the opportunity when he sees it.
  • 1:14 - Rathbone tries to retrieve a puck that just exited BC’s zone. BC player has body position and Rathbone stumbles. This gives Boston College a two-on-one. Rathbone is off balance but gets close to getting stick checking the BC player. The puck is shot on net and quickly put in on the rebound.
  • 1:53 - After a lot of Harvard pressure, Rathbone walks in on the right wing and hits the post.
  • 2:10- Great stick lift play to stop a potential two on zero. I think you can see a theme here. Rathbone’s ability to use his stick effectively to neutralize opportunities is a major reason why he is so relied upon while only in his sophomore year.

Will Lockwood

November 30th —1 goal

Will Lockwood’s stat line is underwhelming when you take his six points in 13 games played at face value. I have watched the majority of Lockwood’s games this season and I can’t be too upset with how he has played this year. The badgers have been offensively challenged —for reference, Bruins pick Josh Beecher, is leading the team in points with eight in 14 games played. Lockwood continues to show the attributes of his game that made him effective at the college level in the past. His skating and tempo are still top notch, he initiates and welcomes physicality, and he remains creative with the puck. I do think at times he might be forcing plays which are causing turnovers and at this point he does need to work his hardest to bury chances. On November 30th Lockwood recorded one goal and displayed all the attributes I mentioned previous — good and bad. This is the breakdown of that game against the loaded Wisconsin Badgers.

Period 1

  • 0:30 - For the early part of Lockwood’s career he played with reckless abandonment. This unfortunately led to some health issues. Lockwood has reigned that in a bit, but he still likes to throw the body. In this play LA Kings prospect Alex Turcotte stands his ground and Lockwood bounces off of him.
  • 1:00 - This could be used as an example of forcing a play. Lockwood moves nicely into the offensive zone, but is converged upon by three Wisconsin players. He tries to cut into the middle of the ice but he is stick checked away.
  • 1:30 - On the flip side, here is an example of Lockwood’s evasion. He moves around so well on the ice. He is able to spin off the Wisconsin check, then makes a stop up move before passing off.
  • 2:15 - Lockwood is able to get the puck out of the corner. It eventually leads to a couple passes and a missed one-timer.

Period 2

  • 0:21 - Lockwood scores his goal. He moves to the middle of the ice and tips the puck on net. Some confusion as to who tipped the puck, but it is credited to Lockwood.
  • 0:42 - Look how Lockwood moves around the ice here, he quickly moves for body position on the defender and gets a free wack at a rebound. Great chance. Lockwood saw how the play was going to develop and did everything right but convert.
  • 0:50- Lockwood has another scoring chance here. From the corner, he quick cuts in front and tries to jam the puck in the net. He catches the Wisconsin defenders a bit off guard due to how fast he executed the play
  • 1:08 - Lockwood is on for a goal against. Lockwood takes the Badger player near the net. Tunnel vision here as Holloway is wide open with the puck and fires it home.

Period 3

  • 0:12 - Lockwood moves with speed into the offensive zone, but loses the puck almost immediately. This is other example of Lockwood’s mobility on the ice, as well as the notion that he may be trying to do too much. There are other options for him here instead of stopping up and looking for a teammate in the middle of the ice. Easily coachable but for all I know, it might be part of their system to always look for that pass.
  • 0:51 - Nice pass to the centre of the ice where Cam York was streaking in. York gets checked and doesn’t really get a shot off.
  • 1:07 - Example of Lockwood's up tempo play. He rushes to get to a puck before Dylan Holloway and extends the zone pressure for his team.

Vasily Podkolzin

November 25th — 10:10 TOI

Vasily Podkolzin played three games this past week. The first was on November 25th (KHL 10:10), second on November 27th (KHL 9:17 TOI), and third on November 30th (VHL 16:10 TOI). We are breaking down the November 25th game in the KHL. Podkolzin only played 10:10 for SKA, but I felt he played well in the time he had. Podkolzin was able to show off his playmaking and power game against the Kunlun Red Stars.

Period 1

  • 0:06 - Podkolzin powers behind the net with a KRS player draped all over him. He is able to cycle the puck to the point. Podkolzin’s needs to use his power game to his advantage, and he does so here.
  • 0:49 - Podkolzin attempts to deke past the KRS defenseman but the puck is poked away. Podkolzin quickly slips in front of the defender. I am not sure if he is the one to get the puck to the point, but his work down low created a shot here.
  • 1:13 - Podkolzin receives the puck as SKA breaks in. Podkolzin stops up and attempts a shot. A KRS player got a stick in as he released the puck and the shot was steered wide.
  • 1:50 - Podkolzin powers in on the right wing. With speed Podkolzin is angled wide. He tries a backhand and misses the net.

Period 2

  • 0:06 - Podkolzin is in the right hand corner battling for a puck. He establishes good positioning and gains control of the puck. Podkolzin sends it to SKA teammate above the circles. I really don’t understand the notion that Podkolzin has poor vision. This pass has a high level of difficulty and in general this isn’t a sporadic or rare play for Podkolzin. Every game I watch he is pulling off passes like this.
  • 0:48 - Podkolzin helps win a battle in the defensive zone. This leads to a foray into the offensive zone. Podkolzin throws a hit at the end of the shift.
  • 1:15 - This is a fantastic shift for Podkolzin. He shows nice evasion, stick handling, and skating ability as he fakes out a KRS player, pivots, and passes off. His teammate hits the post. Eventually the puck comes to Podkolzin at the right circle. Podkolzin fires it on net but the shot is deflected to his teammate in front— he scores. Called no goal as the puck is obviously redirected into the net.
  • 1:55 - Podkolzin is ready to redirect a puck on net, but he misses the pass. He gets the puck back and sends a backhand pass into a hard one-timer from his teammate. Podkolzin doesn’t give up on the play and shows off his passing ability.

Period 3

  • 0:39 - Podkolzin gets separation from a pressuring KRS forward. He enters the offensive zone with speed and tries a deke. He can’t get past the KRS defender and ends up spinning out in the corner.
  • 1:18 - Podkolzin carries the puck into the offensive zone on a two on one. He opts to shoot and its saved. Podkolzin moves to the center slot area and takes a nice pass. He misses the net wide. Podkolzin needs to get this shot on net. He a lot of room top shelf but missed about a foot wide.

November 27th

Podkolzin almost scored on November 25th. He goes to the net and fires a shot quickly on net. Brilliant toe save. He had more time than he thought and he probably could have deked for a wide open net.

Tyler Madden

November 29th — 2 assists

Tyler Madden was in Belfast, Northern Ireland playing in a NCAA tournament called “The Friendship Four”. Madden recorded two assists on November 29th and scored a goal on November 30th. We will breakdown his game on November 29th. Madden was outstanding in this game. He continued to show off his incredible stick handling and control over the game. Madden was dangerous in the majority of his shifts and continued to be hard to handle.

Period 1

  • 0:15 - Madden leads a three on two. Madden passes to Solow and he passes to Aidan McDonough. Great chance for the trio but the tap in is saved.
  • 0:29- Madden moves into the offensive zone, a defender goes to check him and he stops up. The UNH defender flies past him as a result. He gets a shot off as he falls to the ice.
  • 0:45 and later in the video - We get to see some power play action. Madden quarterbacks the power play on the left half wall. He likes to curl around and attack the net with a shot or a pass. Madden can do real damage every man advantage because he is so hard to defend when he has room to operate.
  • 1:03 - Madden throws a hit. Weight isn’t a factor when you pick and chose you spots.

Period 2

  • 0:00 - Madden is down low and roughs up the UNH player battling for the puck. Eventually Northeastern has a three on one. Madden attempts a pass but he misses the puck. Madden gets the puck back and tries another deke but it is broken up. Madden’s hands are obviously very good, and I think he has a lot of confidence to pull off moves whenever he needs too. I remember how much of a human highlight reel he was at the World Juniors last year. His hands really allow him to break down defenses and create copious amounts of chances. They can create turnovers, but man are they spectacular when he pulls them off.
  • 0:30 - While behind the net, Madden makes a centering pass to Harris at the top of the circles —he misses the net.
  • 0:45 - Madden has one shot blocked and another dangerous shot saved. He swings to point position as Harris was deep. Pulls off a spin move and transitions that skating play into a deke. Draws a penalty shortly after to put team on a five on three.
  • 2:11 - Madden, on the power play and in his kitchen, moves closer to the net and compresses the penalty kill formation — he draws two defenders sticks. Madden gets the puck to Shea who waits and fires his shot in.

Period 3

  • 0:00 - Quick pivot creates some space between Madden and the UNH player. As Madden is attacked again, He pulls off a wonderful deke to get by him.
  • 0:30 - Madden works his way closer to the net and dishes a backhand saucer pass, but the one timer is missed. He is often lauded for his soft hands and this play really shows that off.
  • 0:46- No one tracks Madden as he slips behind the UNH defense. He takes the puck in his skates and tries to direct it on the net — no dice here.
  • 1:37 - Madden wheels around the top of the offensive zone and fires a shot on net. His shot is tipped in. This is his second assist and final point of the game.

November 30th - 1 goal

Kole Lind

November 30th - 1 goal — 1 assist

Period 1

Kole Lind's evolution continued this past week. He recorded one goal and one assist in three games. Lind has 16 points on the season now (22 games), only one back from his entire total last year. He is playing with confidence and a cockiness that reminds me of his WHL days. We are going to look at his game verses the Toronto Marlies on November 30th. He got both points in this game. I thought Kole Lind really showed off his ability to distribute the puck, particularly of a high level of difficulty.

  • 0:15 - Lind fires a bullet of a pass through a Marlies legs and hits Rafferty going to the net. Rafferty goes to the backhand but is stopped. As the shift continues Lind backchecks and strips Darren Archibald of the puck.
  • 1:52- Lind sends a great pass to Baertschi who is all alone with a path to the net. Baertschi snaps the puck in the net. This is a great example of Lind seeing how the play is developing, using his vision to identify Sven will be unimpeded to the net, and then actually executing a tape pass.

Period 2

  • 0:00 - Lind just missed a one timer on the left dot.
  • 0:28 - After some difficulty breaking into the Toronto Marlie zone on a power play, Boucher sends Lind in on a breakaway. This is a play Utica attempted multiple times in this game. They caught the Marlies sleeping in a couple of cases. Lind comes in on the left wing but misses the net high.
  • 1:00- This time Lind makes the breakaway pass. He picks up the puck in the middle of his defensive zone and sends Baertschi in alone. His backhand shot is stopped.

Period 3

  • 0:00 - Lind scores his fourth goal of the year here. Camper creates a turnover and passes it to Lind who glides into a one timer snap shot. Lind sees the chance develop and moves to the highest danger area possible —right in front of the net. There is no traffic in front but the play happens so fast that Woll can’t shut it down.
  • 1:49 - This is just a great shift. Lind really shows his confidence with the puck here. He cycles down low, pivots, and cuts to the middle of the ice. He turns the puck over here after pressure but he gets it back after a Utica back check. Lind moves in two on one, and makes the cross ice pass but it broken up nicely.

This is a fight Lind had with Leafs top prospect Rasmus Sandin. Lind has been agitating and being a genuine pest in all of my recent viewings, but it’s still surprising to see a fight. I enjoy players who engage in pest work. I think it really elevates Lind’s overall game. He is more involved, finishing checks, and being bothersome after whistles. Has the skill to punish teams at the same time.

Brogan Rafferty

November 30th— 2 assists

Brogan Rafferty has become a topic of conversation after he continues to produce for Utica. Comet’s guru Cory Hergott tweeted that Rafferty is not only leading the AHL in rookie defenseman scoring, but he is also on pace for 55 points this season. I haven’t done a video breakdown on Rafferty but strongly considered it in past weeks. I saw a good opportunity to make one for his game against the Marlies on November 30th. Rafferty was solid for Utica. I though he made many simple plays. I really think Rafferty has high hockey IQ, he plays the high percentages, while also having an uncanny ability to recognize when to pinch or jump in a play. Lets take a look at his game.

Period 1

  • 0:08 - Pinches in to keep the play going in the Marlies zone.
  • 0:21 - Rafferty throws his stick and body around predicting a centering pass or a shot on net. He blocks that pass.
  • 0:25- He takes a nice pass from Lind and crashes the net with a backhand. Rafferty recognizes a breakdown in Marlies coverage and the opportunity he has to get to the net for a chance. Marlies actually recover well and forces Rafferty to the backhand. Great chance but he didn’t convert.
  • Various points in video - You will see many of those simple plays I mentioned. Chips off the boards, small passes, hitting D to D passes, and breaking out the puck well.
  • 1:14 - Rafferty takes Conacher but doesn’t recognize that Jasek is behind Michalek. This gives Michalek a clean lane to the net. Hockey is such a fast sport, that these breakdowns just happen. Regardless it lead to a major chance for the Marlies.

Period 2

  • 0:00 - Utica and Rafferty have some issues getting into the offensive zone on this particular PP. Ironically Rafferty’s back pass to Boucher results in a Kole Lind breakaway.
  • 0:39 - Broken play in Utica’s zone. Rafferty and his line mates are scrambling as Marlies lay on pressure and get chances. Rafferty takes out the stick and eventually the net front pressure. DiPietro makes a nice save with no traffic in front.
  • 1:15 - Rafferty gets his first assist here. On the power play, Rafferty dishes to Baertschi and he makes a tape pass to Bailey who redirects the puck in the net.
  • 2:15 - Good pinch play again. Rafferty creates a turnover.

Period 3

  • 0:50 - Rafferty makes a foray into the offensive zone. Nice little deke to evade a fore checker. He gets a low shot off that’s saved.
  • 1:24 - Yet another example of a smart pinch that continues zone pressure.
  • 1:44- Rafferty gets is second assist of the game. He goes D to D, and Boucher goes in on the right wing. He ices the game for the Comets.

Nils Höglander

November 28th and November 30th - 1 goal and 1 assist

Here is Nils Höglander’s goal and assist from last week. Again I wasn’t able to get great footage of his games due to archaic streaming restrictions. These videos were pulled from his SHL team’s highlight videos.


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