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Gamethread #29: Canucks vs Senators

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The Canucks try to beat Ottawa on AMFB’s Ring of Honour night

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Who didn’t love Alex Burrows? Well, anyone who had to play against him.

Tonight the two teams Alex played for will meet and play for his honour. Something like that.

The Canucks are a team of ups and downs. Win a game against Edmonton.....lose against Edmonton. The Canucks are in that territory that most of us thought they would be....the playoff bubble. And while it’s only December, and there is a lot of hockey left, the Canucks are now closer to last in the conference than first.

Ottawa is re-building again and they have some good pieces. Ottawa always gets up for games against the Canucks. Ottawa made Lu leave Vancouver....ok, maybe not.

I’m saying this right now....if the Canucks can’t get pumped up on AMFB night, then there is trouble. This is a must win game. I said it....must win

Go Canucks Go!