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Gamethread #37: Canucks vs Penguins

Canucks try for two wins in a row

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I hear Paul Simon’s “Slip sliding away” in my head as this December schedule slowly takes its toll on the Canucks. A 4-5 Canucks team gets to face a Penguins team that has won four in a row. The Pens have found ways to win without Crosby (his name is Malkin) and they have another young goalie who is stealing wins for them (Jarry 11-5 1.86 GAA .939 svp)

The Canucks did well to get a win against Vegas, but realistically they now need to win out the month to get back into a playoff position. MacEwen is back up for Leivo, whose injury was bad enough to go directly on injured reserve. The injury fairies are taking more players than Santa takes cookies.

I’m not getting paid by the word, so let’s leave it here and go cheer for our team.

Go Coconuts Go!