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Gamethread #34: Canucks vs Vegas

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The Canucks go gambling in Vegas.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Fun fact #1: Vegas has one point in every game against the Canucks.

Fun fact# 2: Vancouver has only ever beat Vegas once....and it was in Vegas.

Fun fact #3: Vancouver needs a win

Fun fact #4: The Canucks have forgotten how to score.

Have I missed anything? I’m sure I have. But I think most can agree with this statement: The Canucks need to beat Vegas multiple times this year if you are to truly believe they are a playoff team.

Sven was put on waivers today and so it is a little bit of wait and see again. I kinda wish someone would claim him, because I don’t think he a spot under this regime. Both Green and Benning want guys to get dirty in the corners and in front of the net and I’m not saying Sven won’t go there, but everytime he does, we all hold out breath.

Unfortunately, Michael Ferland might be the next Sven.

0-1 against division teams this month...need a win today.

Go Canucks Go!