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Gamethread #33: Canucks vs Sharks

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It’s moving time for the Canucks

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks have the opportunity to make up ground on the whole Pacific this month. They have 6 games against division opponents this month with games in hand versus those ahead of them.

After being dominated by the Sharks for the past few years, the Canucks have won the last two against the Sharks. The Sharks have not had the season they were hoping for and are a team still trying to find their identity and their struggle has cost them a coach so far. If they can’t right the ship soon, it will probably cost Doug Wilson his job as well.

The Canucks need to find some goals tonight. Jake and Petey playing together is something that is going to great......or terrible. I wonder how much Marky can play over the next little while. I do recall that Mikey should not play against the Sharks though.

This is the first game of back to backs so let’s hope the Canucks can start off on the right skate.

Go Coconuts Go!