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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: 39 straight Oilers wins + Panic on the bench

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Check out our interview with the luckiest Edmonton Oilers fan of all time.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Edmonton Oilers
Not even these Edmonton Oilers fans can rejoice as much as our guest this week...
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember your first live win at a hockey game? How about your first live loss?

And what never knew what a live loss felt like?

Former SB Nation NHL Copper & Blue writer Patrick Olsen tweeted this out a couple of weeks ago:


We talked to Patrick about his improbable nine-year streak, witnessing 39 straight Edmonton Oilers home wins during that span. You believe him or you don’t, but tune in regardless to hear his tale of the tape.

Also on the episode, we revisit our “hot butts” ranking of coaches on the hot seat. Two guys got canned since we last recorded, and one of those guys was on our rankings the week before. We also chat about Jim Benning looking for a winger while Quinn Hughes continues to light the world on fire.

Oh, and we talk a little Good Charlotte as well...

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

Three tasty takeaways

  • Revisiting Hot Butts: DeBoer’s hot butt gets burned (4:00)
  • Jim Benning looking for a top-six forward (14:30)
  • The luckiest Oilers fan of all-time: Patrick Olsen (19:15)
  • Our call: will the Oilers make the playoffs? (35:45)
  • Beauty of the Week: PATRICK OLSEN!!! But also Quinn Hughes (45:00)
  • Top 5 “Punk-Pop” Songs (52:00)