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5 thoughts after a loss

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The question we ask every year is here.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The first period was okay last night. 20 minutes. Your rival from across the country, the team that gets all the attention comes into town and you can’t get up to make it a contest. Am I being too harsh? Too bad. I expected more from this team than a 4-1 loss at home. By Jan. 1st, I usually have an idea if the Canucks actually have a shot at the playoffs or don’t. You can dig through previous years and check. From now until the deadline though there will be a million articles telling you what’s best for this team now and 5 years from now. Here are some of the things I think will be the narrative until then.

1. Trade Tanev

Every year that discussion fills up gigabits of storage on websites across Vancouver. The 29-year-old is in his last year of his deal and hasn’t been hurt....yet. There is a true playoff team that could use this guy. If you were GM (and remember you’re being burned at the stake everyday) would you sign him for another 4 years? That’s the minimum i would look for if I was Tanev. Is he worth $ 5-6 million a year in this market? Can he bring the first round pick people so desperately want?

2. Can these players fit the system Green wants to run or do these players need a different system to fit their style?

I ask this because of the inconsistency of play. Either you believe that the players need to grow into the Green’s system and it will take another season or two....or you think that players just can’t or won’t buy into it and a change is coming.

There are some teams that the Canucks just don’t play well against. You would think that the coaching staff would look more into that and try to make adjustments. And I am sure are to some degree, but winning and losing does come down to either the skill of the players on the team or the system they are being asked to play by the coaches.

If you think the Canucks have skill and continue to be inconsistent, logic would say that the system is flawed then.

3. How much is Adam Gaudette worth to you?

Tim Schaller is gone next year and that almost guarantees Gaudette of a full time job, if he’s still around. I’m sure I won’t be the only mentioning that Gaudette might make a nice trade chip, but let’s assume the Canucks keep this 5th round steal. How much do you sign him for? 13 points in 21 games makes him as valuable as Jake this year, maybe more so as he seems more willing to be that back-checking forward Green loves.

4. Is Troy Stetcher able to step up if Tanev goes bye-bye?

I know this seems like a continuation of the first point, but it should be looked at since his contract is up this year as well. Being an RFA and getting third line minutes most nights means the Canucks have the power position in the negotiations. Stetcher’s value come with the “what ifs”. What if Tanev or Myers get this point Stetcher steps in. I’m not sure if the guys in Utica have as much skill as Troy if he was to get traded or not get signed.

5. Realistically this team has 2-3 more years of Hughes/Petey/Brock/Bo before salary cap kills it. Which two do you keep for sure?

If you didn’t say Petey and Hughes, you’re wrong.

Bonus: I have been doing the gamethreads for a few years and all of us have notice a drop off in participation. It is hard to get an idea of what the issues are, besides you living your life, that have led to this decline.

All of us here at NM are open to suggestions as to how we get you to come participate with us. If my gamethreads suck, please let me know here or message me on Twitter with any suggestions (@sedated_).

We have had an influx of writers and some podcasts added this year which also gives you other means to be in the NM community, which is awesome, and I realize there are only so many hours in the day.

I really love being part of this community, especially given the distance I am from Vancouver. I want you to love it as well.