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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Money, drugs, and a whole lot of Pasta

We’re hungry after that pasta talk, along with our three tasty takeaways.

NHL: OCT 20 Bruins at Canucks
The most pugnacious Canuck, Antoine Roussel, and the Pastafarian, David Pastrnak, clash in a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins last season.
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Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll might always reign supreme, but money, drugs and pasta has to be considered a decent runner-up.

These were three of the topics we covered on the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy. The pasta reference, of course, is about David Pastrnak (aka, the number one player on our Beauty Power Rankings for October).

Mike Cratty from Black N’ Gold Podcast hopped on the show to talk about the league’s best team. We also asked him the question, would you rather have Pastrnak or Brad Marchand on your team?

We touched on a couple other feel-good stories around the NHL with the New York Islanders and those red-hot Vancouver Canucks. We also get into some controversies surrounding Evander Kane and drugs in the NHL as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the episode.

Three tasty takeaways from the NHL

  • Is the Isles win streak interesting or just boring? (5:30)
  • The Canucks are killing it, but does Pettersson deserve some Hart love? (9:30)
  • Drew Doughty won’t keep his mouth shut... (16:15)
  • Villains in hockey and holy Evander (19:30)
  • Mike Cratty from Black N’ Gold Podcast joins the show (27:00)
  • Where does the Bruins start rank in the market (29:00)
  • Why can no one stop that top line? (33:00)
  • How much love is Pasta getting in the Boston market? (36:30)
  • Who’d you rather, Marchand or Pastrnak? (40:15)
  • What’s up with Boston’s secondary scoring? (44:00)
  • Drugs in the NHL, is it a story? (53:00)
  • Beauty of the Week: “Do you even smoke, bro?” (59:15)