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Gamethread #16: Canucks vs Hawks Nov 7, 2019

Canucks go into an old enemy’s home as they try to get 1st in the division

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I think the one lesson the Canucks should take away from the last game is that Marky against 3 players on a breakaway, might be too much.

I am still happy with the result, but playing a great team like St Louis sure shows what the team needs to work on. The PP works well when a team sits back, but the Canucks have an issue with a pressure PK. The passing needs to be dead on and fast to get better shots.

The Chicago Blackhawks are struggling right now. I think the fans saw this coming for this team. Kane, Seabrook, Toews, Keith and Crawford are not enough anymore. They definitely are not fast enough in the central to keep up with most teams. The Canucks have taken the last 6 out of 7 from the Hawks. This should be an easy game for the Nucks, but I’m sure the Hawks will be up for this meeting.

Go Canucks Go!