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Gamethread #27: Canucks vs Oilers

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The last game of the roadtrip...and month

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

If there ever was a need for a memory erase machine it would be after last game.

Poof...there, I did it. It never happened.

As of today’s game, the Canucks are not a playoff team. I know....

Tonight they walk into divisional leader, Edmonton’s arena. The Oilers seem to have their crap together so far this season. Or at least McDavid and/or Dry-saddle have scored more than than Mike Smith has let in.

This first of back to back games could start the resurgence of the Canucks or turn up temp on Travis’s Green seat to a low simmer. Some will blame Benning for failures, but the coach is the one who needs to get his team to calm down and play defense.

If you don’t like how this game turns out, don’t worry....there is another one tomorrow.