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Gamethread #25: Canucks vs Flyers

Canucks try for three in a row in the city of....Brotherly Love?

Vancouver Canucks v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

How about those Canucks? Two wins in a row in a great thing when in their last 10 games their record is 3-5-2. Two different types of games as well. The Canucks played a tight game in Washington, keeping the high scoring Caps under pressure. Bo Horvat is the road savior yet again. I am still in awe of the fact that Hughes used his stick to get Miller an extra boost to stop a breakaway.

The Flyers are in a wild card spot with their Pennsylvania brothers and are a tough team to play at home. They have only one regulation loss. The Canucks beat the Flyers in a shootout in the first meeting of the teams.

Rumors (by his agent) have it that Ferland will be joining the team in Pittsburgh so enjoy the last game of MacEwen.

Enjoy another early game....or not...drop by say hi.

Go Canucks Go!