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Gamethread #22 Canucks vs Stars

Canucks get another crack at Dallas.

Vancouver Canucks v Dallas Stars

The Canucks are a team that haven’t played great this month, but they have played well enough to be still be in the race for 1st in the conference. Parity in the conference has been a great thing for this team that has struggled to win as other teams have also struggled. The nice thing about this team is their ability to play like crap for 30 minutes and then score a couple quick goals to get back into a game.

I called MacKinnon’s goal last game because that’s the type of player the Canucks don’t have an answer to. Well, at least not yet. The Stars are not the Avs and the Canucks should be able to keep up with them, as long as they handle the puck better. This the start of a 6 game road trip for the Nucks. A .500 finish to the month would be amazing.

Go Canucks Go!