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Nucks Misconduct announces Site Manager and Deputy Site Manager


Nucks Misconduct
Kent Basky (left) and Trevor Beggs (right, and also known as Beggsy) are officially heading the Dream Team at Nucks Misconduct

The blue and green smoke is billowing from the NMHQ, signifying that long at last, there is news on the Site Manager position here at Nucks Misconduct.

Effective immediately, Nucks Misconduct is proud to announce that Kent Basky has been named Site Manager, and Trevor Beggs (you may know him as Beggsy) is named Deputy Site Manager.

KB - It seems kind of crazy that I have been doing this for a decade now, given that I never intended to start writing about hockey in the first place. I was just looking for a place that wasn’t as perpetually maddening like the ol’ CDC boards, and when I heard that Yankee Canuck was part of a new blog, I went to check it out. At the time I was posting some short Canucks podcasts, and making comments when Yankee and Sean Zandberg approached me about joining the writing staff. A decade later, I’ve been given the opportunity to help lead this site into a new era of Canucks hockey, and I am extremely humbled for this chance. I need to thank Yankee and Z for taking a chance on me. Stephanie Driver, our fearless SBN NHL leader for the support over the last year as we made the transition. I appreciate everything you have done, Steph! To all of the writers, current and former, who have lent their voices to this project. I want to thank Beggsy, for giving us a kick in the pants when we needed it, and I am thrilled to work with you on this, buddy! I want to thank my wife, Laurie for being my biggest fan, harshest but fairest critic, and sounding board. I love you! And most importantly: the readers. SBN is different than other sites, because your voices truly get heard here. We love that you choose to make us part of your Canucks fandom experience, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We look forward to being there along every step of the way as the Canucks evolve.

Beggsy - Who said that one guy had to be in charge?

I’m stoked to partner with Kent Basky as we handle the day-to-day operations at Nucks Misconduct as Site Manager (me!) and Deputy Site Manager (Kent!). Like Robin and Batman or Abe Sapian and Hellboy, I know that Kent and I are going to lead the charge for providing the same level of thought-provoking, fun and entertaining Canucks content for your reading and listening pleasure.

I joined Nucks Misconduct a little over two years ago, and I’ve always been a fan of how the site, and SB Nation NHL as a whole, operate. There’s a fearlessness among writers to say whatever they want, even if it tows the line. The best hockey writer I’ve ever read, Jason Botchford, towed that line to perfection. In his honour, I know we need to keep doing that at Nucks Misconduct.

There’s work to be done to get this site to where we want it to be but one thing is for sure. The fan community at Nucks Misconduct is fantastic and we hope to provide you endless entertainment (Dear God Canucks, please help us out) in the months to come.

We’re aiming to add more podcasts, more features and more contributors but the goal remains the same. We want to continue bringing the Canucks community together. Let’s do it for Botch, Petey and most importantly, the long-suffering fan base who is thirsty for the first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Let’s hope we’re all here to witness that. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what the Dream Team of Kent, myself, and the rest of the NM crew produce in the weeks and months to come.

Site Manager’s note: Despite what Trev says, he’s totally the Deputy.