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Last Week on The Quickie: Canada is a roller coaster

The week started pumping up the Oilers, Flames and Canucks. How’s that looking in hindsight?

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks
Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser are still point-per-game players, but the Canucks can’t seem to buy a win right now.
Getty Images

How fast can things change in the NHL? The week started by looking at the top three teams in the Pacific Division: Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. One week later, the Oilers are still dominant (somehow), the Canucks are clinging onto the third spot, and the Flames have fallen out of a playoff spot completely.

Welcome to parity in the NHL. The Oilers and Blues are tied for tops in the West with 29 points, but the next 11 (!!!!) teams are all within five points of each other.

The NHL is crazy good, and so are these episodes of The Quickie. Here’s what happened last week.

Canadian Uprising in the Pacific

As I mentioned, these three teams held down the top three spots in the Pacific Division last Monday. The Canucks and Flames have tumbled since, but the Oilers still hold down the top spot in the Pacific. Arizona leapfrogged both the Flames and Canucks in the standings over the last week as well.

I also give my take on which of those three Western Canadian teams are primed to keep the success rolling.

More Sadness than Rage for Cherry Situation

The Don Cherry situation has been beaten to death over the last week as politics and hockey unfortunately became intertwined. All I have to say was...well tune in to find out :)

Everybody’s Got Problems

Everybody’s got problems should be a common slogan for this parity driven NHL. Pretty much everybody, except perhaps the New York Islanders, should have some cause for concern right now.

I talked about problems in Boston, Vancouver and Nashville specifically in this episode.

The Best of...Edmonton?

So I went to Edmonton over the I listed the top five things to do in the city. I won’t be turning this show into Trevor’s Travel Tips anytime soon.

Also, the success of Edmonton’s top two players isnt’ surprising, but I talk about the most surprising player on the team. No, it isn’t the Real Deal James Neal.