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Last Week on The Quickie: The Canucks are winning the Cup

Just ignore the four-game losing streak.

New Jersey Devils v Vancouver Canucks
VANCOUVER, BC - NOVEMBER 10: Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin skates with a giant team flag during their NHL game against the New Jersey Devils at Rogers Arena November 10, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

What a week on The Quickie....not only was an entire episode dedicated to the Boston Bruins, but we also learned that the Vancouver Canucks are winning the Stanley Cup.

This is like Westy’s timeless Cup prediction all over again, except this one is coming true.

The Canucks are winning the Cup

So gave the Canucks the best odds of winning the Cup last week. Don’t be deterred by the four-game losing streak the Canucks are currently on, as their odds have only dropped down to 4th-best.

Marchand or Pastrnak?

Although a debate between these two might induce nightmares for many Canucks fans, I vouch that it’s okay to have a healthy appreciation for these two superstars.

Which one did I pick though? Tune in to find out.

Vladdy Who?

Doug Armstrong, you da real MVP.

Arguably the best general manager in the league has built a team so deep that not even an injury to their best player can deter them. The Blues continue to roll, even without Vladimir Tarasenko.

Thursday’s Thrilling Affairs

Thursday is usually a great day for hockey, and I picked out my three must-watch games of the night.

If you listened to me, you were probably entertained. The Vegas Golden Knights and Toronto Maple Leafs played in the least thrilling affair, but even that had a good overtime portion as John Tavares scored the OT winner. The Pens and Isles also went to overtime, and the Colorado Avalanche blasted the Nashville Predators for nine goals in a 9-4 win.

Hellebucyk Rising

Connor Hellebucyk has been the main reason that the Winnipeg Jets are treading water, and he proved it after this episode was released. He stymied the Canucks in a 4-1 Jets win.