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Gamethread #3 : Canucks vs Kings Oct 9, 2019

The Canucks come home to name a captain and try to win a game.

NHL: MAR 28 Kings at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Is there a captain yet?

Not Loui I hope.

Ok, let’s move on to the important thing and that’s winning a game.

Let’s be honest, the Canucks have come out in both games looking sluggish. The top line has no chemistry and if we’re talking about how great Hughes has looked, then Petey must suck right now. The powerplay is where power comes to die.

All of this bad ju-ju can disappear tonight with the announcement of a captain and some quick goals.

The Kings are a team trying to recover from a year of Willie. They are coming of a win against Calgary in overtime and are always a threat to score four or five goals. While the Canucks took 7 out of 8 points from the Kings last year, I wouldn’t expect the same results this year. It could be a return to a hard-hitting fast paced game.

Let’s get a win!

Go Coconuts Go!