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Gamethread #11: Canucks vs Panthers Oct 28, 2019

Canucks try to fend off a hot Florida team.

NHL: Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Should we mention the last game? No.....good, let’s move on.

The Florida Panthers have got at least a point in their last 8 games and are coming off a loop-sided win in Edmonton. They signed the big name free agent goalie in the offseason, who has sucked so far but the team has been to put goals on the board even though Barkov hasn’t scored a goal yet.

The Canucks are going to have to forget about the last game. I’m not sure how one does that after an epic collapse. Maybe they should remember it and try not to duplicate the their play in the third period. Also take less penalties. I keep asking but they don’t seem to listen. Tim Schaller is carrying this team right now. (I’m half joking)

A win tonight gets them back in the playoff October.

Go Coconuts Go!