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Gamethread #9: Canucks vs Red Wings Oct 22, 2019

The rematch in the Pizza Place.

Vancouver Canucks v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It was a week ago that the Canucks dominated the Red Wings in Vancouver. Since then, the Red Wings have lost two more games and the Canucks have gone 2-1. The Canucks, with a win today and some luck, could be in 3rd place in the conference tomorrow. Not bad for a team that struggles on the PP and can’t get a consistent 3rd line performance.

Maybe some of those issues...or not, can be improved by this

Oh...wait...probably not. The Canucks are not shopping him as he is good insurance for when Edler and/or Tanev get injured. And mark my words....they will get injured. Maybe that’s the best news to take away from the first 8 major injuries. The Canucks are on a 100-point pace folks.....sit back and enjoy it. Maybe plan your ideal parade route, make sure it’s near a 7-11, so you’re close to a slurpee.

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Go Coconuts Go!