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Oilers vs Canucks - Gamethread #1 - Oct 2, 2019

First game of the new season for the Canucks.

NHL: SEP 17 Preseason - Oilers at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a long spring, summer and fall for Canuck fans. The question now is, will it be a long cold winter as well.

I’m not sure I have high expectations for this team as it really has not changed that much since last year. Sure, there are a couple new names out there, but no real change of skill from the team of last year. I have to think that Travis Green is on the hot-seat this year and if the Canucks get off to a Luongo type start, then he might be gone. Benning was able to get more time from Aquilini, probably with the promise of a coaching swap if the team stumbles early. (I speculate...but it sounds logical)

Elliote Friedman has talked about Petey being a Hart candidate player, but this needs to be the year of Brock. Boeser needs to score 35+ goals for this team to improve. J.T. Miller will get more ice time with the Canucks than he did with Tampa Bay and I hope he can get 20+ goals this year as well.

The Oilers come into tonight with the hope that Lucic was the problem and Neal is the answer. That can’t be right. Ok, how Mike Smith will carry the team on his back to the playoffs? Nope, sounds wrong as well. I’m not sure Edmonton will ever get McDavid back into the playoffs. They should trade him now.

OK.....take a breath, open your favorite beverage, sit back and start coaching from your couch. The season is back and the Canucks can’t change if you don’t yell loudly at the screen.

Go Canucks Go!