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Gamethread #7: Canucks vs Devils

Can the Canucks continue this winning streak?

Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

“Break up the Canucks!” ~ said no one

But man, it feels good to see the club rebound after suck a crappy pair of opening games. I won’t say this team is clicking on all cylinders, but it’s good to see different players step up and perform each game. Last game it was Michael Ferland and Captain Bo.

Thatcher Demko has Twitter saying the words goalie controversy, because Twitter has no long term memory of Markstrom.

The Devils are......bad, so far. They are coming off their first win and they have owned the Canucks. (last Canuck win in NJ - Oct 24, 2013)

Brother vs Brother will probably be the media narrative, but Kyle Bhawan on the Silky N’Filthy podcast, has stated unequivocally that Quinn is the best Canucks defenseman ever, so therefore Jack sucks

This is a game on paper that the Canucks should win...easily. But Kent has jinxed them. Let’s say thanks to Kent.

I hope someone shows up to this gamethread today. I might even be late...stupid early starts.

I couldn’t help myself.

Go Canucks Go!