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“Sippin on a 40” and “The Quickie” debuting this week on Nucks Misconduct

Stick those earbuds in and listen, won’t you?

One more sleep until hockey is back y’all.

To get you locked and loaded for another season of NHL hockey, two more podcasts are being released on this website.

Sippin on a ‘40

My Silky N’ Filthy host Kyle Bhawan is launching the rebooted Nucks Misconduct podcast: Sippin’ on a 40. Let’s be real, many of us plan on getting drunk off of Elias Pettersson for years to come.

Kyle will have you covered on the podcast for everything Canucks related, and Chris Faber of “Canucks Conversation” joined Kyle for the first episode.

The Quickie

Who doesn’t love a quickie?

I’m going to be taking the term quickie to a whole other level with the release of a third show on Nucks Misconduct. The Quickie will debut as “the fastest hockey show in the world,” as I’ll be giving takes on anything hockey related in five minutes or less.

Kyle and I will continue to team up for Silky N’ Filthy, with new episodes released every Thursday.

Now, let the hockey (and podcasting) commence.