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Wake With Elias- Oct 1/19- Bae, Bye: Sven, Goldy & The Bulldog Head To Utica (Maybe).

Canucks and Comets fans will be keeping a close eye on the waiver wire to see if Baertschi, Goldobin and Biega clear waivers. That and more as we await the start of the season tomorrow night!

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

CANUCKS NEWS: It was a pretty tumultuous day in Canucks Nation yesterday with the news that Sven Baertschi, Nikolay Goldobin and Alex Biega were placed on waivers to be sent down to Utica. There was anger from some, confusion from others and of course, a lot of water carrying to justify all this.

At the end of the day, the real issue is we’re still looking at a team that makes personnel decisions that don’t appear to make the team better, and it leaves you wondering why the Canucks re-signed Jim Benning before this season and not after. If the Canucks were able to make the playoffs at the end of this season, I could wrap my head around this move. But coming off a 4th straight year with no post-season hockey, and a roster laden with untradable assets filling space that seem to be getting in the way of the development of some of their prospects, it’s hard to see what earned Benning his new deal.

In the meantime, we await the all-clear signal that they’ve made it through, and one more move that will need to be made in advance of tomorrow night’s season opener in Edmonton: the placement of Antoine Roussel on LTIR while he continues to rehab from his knee injury last season.

In other Canucks news:

Ray Ferraro was on TSN1040 this morning with his thoughts on the 2019-20 Canucks and how they’ll fare:

There is some good news heading into tomorrow night, as you have probably heard by now that Brock Boeser has been given the green light to return to the lineup after being placed in concussion protocol following a hit from behind in a preseason game against Ottawa. As far as the incident goes, Boeser wasn’t happy with the hit:

It’s still utterly baffling that there was not even a fine from DoPS on that one, or the one that injured Oscar Fantenberg. There should be a Fantenberg update coming soon.

AROUND THE NHL: There were a lot of roster moves yesterday as teams placed players on waivers to get under the cap for the start of the season, but as of this moment no claims made. We’ll update anything that happens. Rule changes are coming for this season, and friend of the blog Greg Wyshinski has a nice rundown of the new rules that come into effect starting tomorrow:

Sportsnet looks at how the Canucks, Flames and Oilers will fare in the tough Pacific Division this season

Evander Kane will likely be sitting out the first part of the season after being ejected from the Sharks preseason game Sunday in Las Vegas. He was given two ‘abuse of officials’ penalties.

And for those of you who subscribe (not sure if this one’s been put outside the paywall), a beautiful tribute to Jason Botchford by his father, The Athletic Blue Jays writer John Lott.