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Recap: Canucks refuse to score on their hosts.... lose 5-0.

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Canucks play at 2/3rd’s speed in COTU due to gravity change.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t look at the highlights if you missed the game. I’m serious. I didn’t watch most of this game as it was movie night at my house. I knew it was going to be ugly.

Let’s start with no Petey. Unfortunately it seems one Petey now equals two Sedins. So when Petey is out, the Canucks are unable to create offence. There were only 4 Canucks that had a CF% higher than 50% at even strength. (Jake, Granny, Troy and.....Pouliot) I think this game shows the overall weakness of this team right now. For those saying the rebuild is near over, think again.

I grant you the Canucks were playing their 4 game in 6 nights, and tiredness was an issue, they were over-matched against this Leafs team.

If you decide to look through the highlights, which I still don’t suggest you do, pay attention to the fact that #44 is out on the ice for all five goals against. That takes skill. Guds was not to blame for all the goals of course, but defensemen should still be the priority this off-season. Will Quinn Hughes be in a uniform by March? Who knows, but the Canucks definitely need a guy that wants to carry the puck up, like Morgan Rielly and Hughes in the WJC looked like that guy. If I were a betting man, I would say the Canucks let him suit up and burn a year, just like they did with Boeser. At the start of the year we hoped Pouliot would be that guy, instead he is getting burned to the outside by guys like Trevor Moore, who potted his first goal. You can also blame the fourth Leafs goal on the fact Ben Hutton decided to try and skate circles behind his own net with two Leafs on him before he handed it over to them.

Tonight also coincided with the return of over the shoulder Markstrom goal. Marky had been light’s out in December, but he had another stinker between his legs which he should had. Marky must need a rest and some time with the goalie coach. Demko playing January should be fun to watch, especially with this defense.

In the last month, When the Canucks have won, Bo Horvat had 10 points. When the Canucks have lost, Bo had only 1 point. People..including me sometimes, focus a lot on Petey but we all must remember that for this team to get to the next step Bo must perform.

We must also realize that while Goldy has taken a beating in the media and by his coach sometimes, that our other young star Brock Boeser needs to work on his 200 foot game. He lead the Canucks in CA events (5vs5) by a large amount. Boeser is going to see tough competition and needs to work on defensive position to make up for his lack of skating mobility. Don’t get me wrong, Brock is fast once he gets going, but his first few strides are not smooth.

Good news.

This is great news. Pettersson should skip the All-star game and rest up. Boeser can go again and win a truck. Unfortunately for those saying playoffs, this was the month that could have been but without Petey for a couple weeks, this might be the end of the road for that discussion.

We all might want to start arguing over which Finn we take with our 1st pick at the draft in Vancouver this year.