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5 thoughts: Stat edition

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I made it up...but all the crazy ones do

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames
We love you Derrick
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
  1. A couple if years ago I had an internal discussion about the validity of stats in hockey. I outwardly expressed my concerns of stats as a prognostic tool. There was some backlash and name-calling, but then I grounded my daughter and created my own stat. Corsi Conversion Ratio is a 60 minute stat which looks at he success of each player when it comes to chances and goals for and against.

Here is the formula:

1) GF/60 divided by CF/60 = GFR

2. GA/60 divided by CA/60 = GAR


The ratio helps see the result of Corsi for each player.


*all stats are based on 5vs5 stats

I took a look at the numbers from last year, which you can find here. Overall the corsi against is still very high, but the corsi for is improving.

Two out of three of the new guys are doing pretty well 5vs5. Tim Schaller has yet to impress anyone in Vancouver. Markus Granlund might now be expendable as Brandon Sutter has returned.

Derrick Pouliot usually feels my wrath, and to be fair he probably still will, but Guds really is a liability 5 vs 5. I am happy that Gaudette will get some time to develop his 200 foot game in Utica. While Del Zotto is a break even player on CCR, he is on the ice for a lot of even-strength goals.

2. I am not going to wade into the Petey protection issue.

3. Let’s admit that Petey’s weight does have something to do with how much physicality he can take. Well the same issue will arise if Quinn Hughes shows up this year. Hughes is listed below 180lbs. He better eat a lot and hit the weights.

4. I’m going to ask you a question and you answer it.

Do the Canucks re-sign Edler? For how much and how long? Or............................................... do they take a run at Karlsson?

5. Let’s hope Petey has a sprained knee. I was not surprised that this team was hit by another injury. Call it being a Canuck fan. I suspect that there will be one more this year and poof...there goes the people calling this a playoff team and others asking for the Canucks to lose the rest of their games to try and get Jack Hughes. I think I might like a guy Like Kaapo Kakko....6’2 and 190lbs.