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The all-star edition of thoughts

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Pittsburgh Penguins
We love you Derrick.
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Who is excited about the NHL All-Star festivities!!?

I couldn’t hear you...or I wasn’t listening. I think it might be my location or my age, but I haven’t seen an All-Star weekend in over 18 years. Even if I could watch it, I might fake an injury, like some players do, so I don’t have to watch it.

Hockey has changed so much since the days of Campbell vs Wales conference. I fear that even when most players don’t care if their team wins this game, that the speed might lead to Petey getting injured again.

I can understand how exciting it would be to actually be at the festivities and see all these players in person, but even on high definition t.v., I can’t watch.

I think the most interesting thing to come out of the weekend was this article about early CBA meetings. Cordial and Constructive are not the two words I would have expected to hear coming from Bettman. The talks around revenue definitely haven’t begun as no side called the other greedy yet. Escrow and Hockey-related revenue are the two topics most reporters mention with these negotiations. For a 50/50 revenue split to occur, then escrow will be there to stay. So the players will have to find ways to move the salary cap to reduce the amount they have to give back. It’s almost like you need an economics degree to understand it.

Beggsy did a fantastic job at looking at the Canucks defense in this article. The one thing I disagree with is the title. He could have just wrote, “We told you the Canucks D would suck.” GMJB said he is starting to talk to Edler about his future in Vancouver. I kinda feel that Edler is suckering us with his above average play (for him) this year. That free agent contract year does wonders for a player’s ability. The better question is what happens to Pouliot next year. Logically, you would sign him to a 2 year contract at the minimum you can pay a RFA and then trade him the fuck out of town for a 6th round pick. The other option is trade him now, but his value is so low that we would have to throw in the bag of pucks. I am almost at the point we I think the Nucks shouldn’t re-sign Edler, Hutton or Pouliot. Go after Karlsson and fill in the other spots with Juolevi and Hughes.

I’m not sure if any of the other writers are going to a mid-season review of the forwards, but I have three categories for them:

  1. Hey-Hey - These guys have done all right in my eyes. There might even be some stats to back my opinion...or not.

Bo Horvat - I have complained a lot about Bo in the last twenty games, but he has done everything asked of him and then some. Tiredness was showing in the past month so hopefully during the break he got all his parts replaced.

Antoine Roussel - What more can you asked of a guy you was brought in for his grit? He is on pace for a career high in points and he leads the league in penalty minutes. Ok, maybe the second one isn’t the best thing, but you can’t ask a guy to be a pest and then not get follow through. Roussel already had a rep with officials, so he will always get a penalty. I am impressed with his speed and work along the boards.

Petey - I wish he would keep a straight face all game.

2. No, just no. These guys just haven’t done much to deserve my love.

Tim Schaller - 0 goals.

Brandon Sutter - I think I am more upset at the injury than him. The Canucks were rolling early in the year with him on the PK. He hasn’t got his wheels back yet. This is Sutter’s 4th year as a Canuck and he has only had one season where he played more than 62 games.

Nikoly Goldobin - I think I’m putting him here just to piss some people off. When I discuss him with some people, I get angry when I hear the following phrase, “He plays better with skilled players.” Well no, shit. That to me, is actually a knock against a player who is supposed to have “skill”. If Goldy can only score while playing with Petey and Brock, then he is not as skilled as everyone says he is. Skilled players should drive play. His defensive game has gotten better, but he still has the tendency to quit on a shift.

3. Meh - The rest of the forwards fit here, including Brock. We all loved Brock last year when he scoring goals. We loved him enough to ignore his flaws. Playing with Petey has shown some of those flaws, like his skating and getting back on defense.

I have Loui as a meh. He will never live up to $6 million/yr, so his rating his based upon the other crap years he has had and the surprise he has been in some games this year.

On to another topic, let’s say Goldy survives the rest of the year and the Canucks decide to re-sign him, what’s he actually worth? If he can get back in Green’s good book, maybe he can hit 40 points. Does that get him more than Jake’s 2 year show me contract? I hope you’re not thinking of a 5 year contract. I might have to slap you.

One final thought....

For those who point out that the Canucks are in the thick of the playoff race going into February, I would say you are right. The unfortunate counterpoint to that is that the Canucks are also only 8 points out of last place in the conference. If the Canucks can stay healthy and sort their special teams out, then we won’t have to talk of the cellar again. But another long losing streak will bring out #teamtank faster than you can say Jack Hughes.