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Gamethread #51: Canucks vs Hurricanes

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The Canucks dance on the playoff bubble against a strong wind tonight.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Do you find yourself checking the standings on a nightly basis, even if the Canucks aren’t playing? Do you look at the Canucks schedule throughout February, trying to figure out how wins they need to get near the third place team in the Pacific division? Do you think the Canucks are buyers instead of sellers?

You have playoffitis.

The Canucks have definitely been spreading this dangerous affliction around. Tonight they try and continue the epidemic as the Hurricanes come to town. With Petey back in the lineup and Bo stepping it up last game, the Canucks might be that team that sneaks in the 8th spot. They have to continue winning games against other teams who are at their level though. The Hurricanes are that type of team, but the Canucks have struggled against this team in the past two years.

I’m going to keep saying this....tonight is a must-win game. Now, having said this, even if we lose at least we are not the Edmonton Oilers.

Go Coconuts Go!